2016 New Zealand Championship

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A Very Good weekend spent at the MTF 2016 NZ Moto Trials Champs in Blenheim. Excellent job done by the Marlborough club and their members in all the organising and setting of sections. Congratulations to Jack Sheppard taking out NZ … Continue reading

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2016 Scottish Six Trial 

Hi all

Well the Scottish six day is all done for another year and I would like to share a few words on how I saw the week now that I have had a few weeks to take it all in. Both Paul Jackson and I arrived into Scotland on the Tuesday before the Scottish week to have good time to get use to the time difference.  Wednesday we took the four hour train ride from Glasgow to Fort William where it would be our base for the next week and a half. Thursday was spent getting all the wet weather gear that is a must for the six days and there is no better place than Fort William itself to get the best gear and best deals.  Friday we set of to Kinlochleven to see some of the pre 65 trial which we had heard that Stephen Ameristar was lucky enough to get a late entry to compete. We caught up with Steve just after getting of the bus and he was feeling good about the day ahead. We ended up spending the whole day watching and with the club organizing a shuttle bus for a first time which was well received apart from the fact that we weren’t told that at 4pm it stopped running so we had a not so good 30min walk back to the bus stop to catch the bus back to Fort William. We saw Steve ride two sections over the day and even saw his clean ride which was well appreciated by spectators and Steve himself.  Saturday was when we got our beta hire bikes so we couldn’t get out to see Steve ride Day two, but was good to see that he had a good result in the pre 65 again where many fail to finish.  He was 137th out of over 180 starter’s.  Well done Steve!

20160429_204421_resized 20160430_033301_resized

Saturday 10am and were we got the chance to start working on our hire bikes putting on some protector covers and I also like to put on my levers and foot pegs off my New Zealand beta back home to just have a more of a personal feel.  We try and put as much covers on as we can to protect the bike as any breakages are extra on top of the $2200 hire cost for the week. After lunch it was time to go and road test our betas.  I had a question from back home from someone that was very confused to why we test a trials bike on the open road? So over the six days we end up traveling on the road on our hire bikes at a guess of over 60% of the total 800 plus km for the week so it is important that the bike is not getting hot on the road ending up in overheating and then next can be head gasket trouble. This is important and something that UK Beta importer John Lampkin asked that we do before we set of day one. This is something I was never told for my first year I rode the SSDT and it wasn’t till half way through the first day that I was aware that something was not right with my bike getting very hot on the open road, with day two costing me head gasket problems. John Lampkin always says it easy to try and sort a problem before the start of the week because once the week starts time is limited to what they can do and with the so call rule of no outside assistance they should not even be touching your bike once the SSDT has started. So Paul and I set of up the road in the lovely rain to test the bikes and we both were very happy to have passed the first test for the week.

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Sunday was the usual sign in day and scrutineering. With Paul and I sorting the Betas out the day before we had sign on and scrutineering done by lunch time and had a few hours till kill before the 3pm town parade through the main street of Fort William. We also meet up with Isabel and Alan Honeybone who were there for the week to take in some Scottish action. It was great to have them over the week for their support and to see a friendly face over the week was also good too.


20160501_222511_resized 20160502_183221 13087604_887613231365257_5782567370955202660_n

Monday and day one of the six days and I was feeling pretty good with this now been my forth SSDT. There wasn’t a lot of nerves to previous years. Paul was not in the same boat which is totally understandable with his first SSDT. I was also very nervous my first time back in 2013. I said to Paul with day one usually being the easiest day of the week I would hold back at the start and we would set of the day together and see how it goes. With very heavy down pours though out the night I was thinking it was going to be a wet day but nothing to what we actually came up against though out the day. Traveling to the first group of sections it was then when I really started to see what rain we had had over the night with the first group of sections we usually ride each year were totally under water and had been closed by clerk of the course. So Monday was all of a sudden a bit new to me too over previous years. We both travel on and off roads for over an hour and half on our way to the first group, but up first was our next test which was about a 4m wide river crossing which was over waist deep and with the river already drowning some previous riders that were working on their bikes on the other side Paul and I decided to team up and carry our bikes one at a time though the river to be safe than sorry. After that we had our first group of sections and it cost me two dabs in the first two sections and a dab on the top much harder section.

Paul also only lost two dabs on the first two sections and I could see he was happy with his start to the week. The top section cost Paul a five and then it was off on our first moor crossings for the week and in Pauls words “unless you have ridden the SSDT you have no idea how difficult the moor crossing really are”.  Paul said we have nothing like this back home to prepare you for such a thing. We must have been on that moor crossing for over two hours as due to the wet weather there was another group of sections that had been pulled so that meant we had to do moor crossings to get to a bridge to get over a 10m river we usually ride through but with being chest deep was not going to be possible.  This also meant we started coming across riders that had or were running out of fuel due to the now longer distance between fuel stops. Paul and I were still fine and didn’t even hit reserve on the betas. The rules stat no extra fuel is to be carried in your day bag but I do see many that take no notice of this rule, so it is either join them or take the risk that you want need any fuel. So far in my attempts at the SSDT I have not had to use any extra fuel to get round but have got close. It can easily happen as all it takes is your bike falls over while walking a section and carb leaks or you miss a turn off and head up a track the wrong way for 10/15min and all of a sudden you’re in trouble. In saying that I did see a young fella get disqualified last year for trying to fill a spare fuel bottle at lunch time break. We had another deep river crossing before our next group of sections, these had strong white water current coming down so the key was to get though for a three or better. The top section was a tasty section with a good size water fall which Paul took a five on and decided to push on and I stayed and walked it some more. Well the extra walking did me no better and not only a five but a bashed up clutch finger on a rock, it was one of those ones when you don’t really want to take your glove off but the blood wasn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon so I got back to my bag and did my best to bandage it up and put on a new set of gloves. At the time I didn’t know Paul had gone ahead so once I worked that out I picked up the pace to catch him up with still having the stress of getting low on fuel but as coming over a moor hill and seeing the fuel stop in the distance was huge relief!

After going through the fuel stop I was made aware of two sections 200m back up on the hill that were not marked so good to see, so I raced back up the hill to ride them and with still no sign of Paul I was thinking at the time I wonder if Paul had missed them too. After those sections it was back through the fuel stop again and push on to try catch up with Paul who was at the next group of sections which was about 15min down the track. It was then that while I was walking the bottom section that I could see all was not well with Paul when I saw him walking his bike back down from the top section. Paul explained to me what had happened while he was attempting a step on the top section with the front wheel not quite making the undercut of the step. This resulting in around 12 spokes on one side of the front wheel breaking and badly buckling the wheel and it was then that Paul found out he had missed the two previous sections.

I would just like to say in all my years of riding motorcycles, I have never seen a front wheel do such a thing and that was extremely bad luck for Paul. It was so bad that it would only turn with force and it was rubbing on fork leg. Lunch break was still a least an hour away so we thought if Paul can make it to there then he may be able to borrow a front wheel from someone.  Unfortunately that wasn’t possible at the rate Paul could travel along the track with the front wheel and It was just before lunch that Paul was flagged down by a SSDT steward who could see he was in need of some help. It turned out that he had a spare front wheel to allow Paul to finish the day but unfortunately that was outside assistance and meant Paul could only continue on a no reward finish from there on. Maybe if it wasn’t a steward that gave him a front wheel then he may have got away with it. I had a fairly steady afternoon on the rest of the sections for the day and next caught up with Paul after the last group of the day. It was then back to base where we did a bit of maintenance before bikes went into lock up for the night. It was later that night that I found out that I had a better day than I thought with sitting in a really good 40th position ahead of some big names like John Shirt and the likes of Dan Heminway. Points were very close though with only ten points from 40th to 60th position.  I was feeling very proud of my ride but also very disappointed at the same time that what had happened to Paul during the day. Even John Lampkin commented that he had not seen this happen before and it was very unlucky for Paul.

IMG_1653 IMG_1661 13184599_10153674163187677_907106914_o FB_IMG_1462716350995

Tuesday was a new loop to what previous years had been with first up catching the ferry before the first group of brand new sections. Paul and I got along at a good pace as it’s always good to keep moving on Tuesday & Thursday with being the longest days of the six. Paul got ahead of me in the morning and didn’t see him again till our 15min lunch time break. It was snowing though out the day and some hail storms. Caught up next with Paul on a big moor crossing which was extremely wet. I quite like Tuesday loop as the afternoon sections are some of my favourite sections of the week with the likes of Loch Arkaig, Winchers Burn and Trotter’s Burn and always look forward to ride them. I had about 15min left on time at the end of the day to check bike and change air filter. Paul had a few on time but finished one of the toughest days of the week. I got 47 points for the day and I wasn’t happy with my day riding and had to many fives which dropped me from 40th to 61st with my early day yet to come.

Screenshot_2015-06-23-06-17-08-1 IMG_1684 TC1_0054

Wednesday Day 3 and it was our early start. Paul and I headed of and had a bit of a moor crossing first up. With being our early day first group were very slippery and it was pretty much if you stopped you would not get going again. I went clean on first three sections and got what I thought was a two on a very hard section but the observer saw it different and gave me a five. Paul wasn’t feeling very well because  he had come down with the flu Monday night and with all that happened on Monday the heart wasn’t in it any more. Paul decided to stop there and head back to the parc ferme and back to a warm bed for the rest of the day.  So I pushed on and spent most the day round a rider called Tom Affleck who rides Sherco. Tom is a better rider than me so it was good to discuss lines and even catch for each other on the bigger sections that we both were grateful for. There were a few complaints over the week from some riders with the sections being too big and dangerous. I didn’t feel myself sections were much different than previous years but it is a lot better if you can team up to catch for each other if is possible. It’s too far to come to have an off at a top of a waterfall and hurt the bike or yourself.  I had a fairly good ride on my early day to only to lose 35 points and only drop 5 spots to 66th overall.

IMG_1691  FullSizeRender (3) Screenshot_2016-05-17-05-41-21

Thursday and half way point of the week and body was feeling good apart from the clutch finger which wasn’t healing due to always wet but my main concern was not to get an infection in it. Thursday my late day and being the longest day of the week with over 180 km loop. I didn’t start the day till just before lunch time and with then not getting back to parc ferme till 9pm at night. This was a very hard long day but with the sun shining all day I actually really enjoying it throughout the day with stunning views, riding in the snow and two of the longest moors that seemed like they were never going to end. I was thinking though out the day if this was a normal wet cold Scotland day and the same loop it would have not had one ounce of fun in it.

Because of our late day and with only about 16 riders left to start the day after I started we had the section sweepers right on our tale which travel around on trials bikes after the last riders of each day to pick up flags, sections and make sure no one is stranded on a moor with bike problems. This was a little distracting but they can’t pass you so you just had to deal with it. Paul went with Jack Sheppards father Mark in the van for the rest of the week so I would see both of them though out the day. I didn’t get to lunch break till about 5:30pm which felt more like tea time. After lunch seemed like it ran pretty fast till we reached the last long moor of the day. After getting of that moor they gave us a “nice” last group of seven sections which really sorted the men from the boys. I meet up with the Honeybones  again here which cheered me on throughout the last group. Then was back down to time control which is where your time ends for the day and I had 12min left on time from my 7h 45min time limit for the day. Then it was the long 45min trip by road back to parc ferme. The SSDT committee give you the 45min time limit like this to discourage competitors of speeding and you have to take the full 45 minutes and not be under or over or it will cost you a point per minute ether way.  Really enjoyed the day and with only losing 26 points and worked myself back up to 60th spot overall.

20160502_005524 FB_IMG_1462125231012 FB_IMG_1462125522661 IMG_1670 FB_IMG_1462720626298

Friday and it was road day with 90% of sections being next to road so meaning we spent most of the day on the main road. We had the world famous Pipeline section in the morning and I meet up with the Honeybones there and it must have helped having the support as I had a mega clean ride up pipeline. It wasn’t all on road that day and we had a moor crossing throwing in just so we don’t forget. I remember this one quite well because I was getting along at a good pace and got a bit off lost at one stage and couldn’t see any flags or wheel marks so best thing is to get yourself to high ground to find the orange flags again. Which I did and could see them about 200m back down in the wrong direction I was going. The best way I can describe what a moor is if you haven’t yet had the privilege to do so, ha ha,  is like what we would call a good old bog here in New Zealand but it travels over huge amount of country side. It’s not all soft and can usually pick the soft parts but not always as I found out that day. So I was heading flat out back down towards the flags in 4th gear and jumped a bit which didn’t look soft at the time but was very much so and my front made the gap but with my rear wheel sinking in at speed only meant one thing and that was all your body weight being sling shot forward at speed over the bars. At the time it seemed like it all happened in slow motion as it seemed forever waiting for my bike to come forward on top of me. It’s strange I was thinking this is so going to hurt but once pushing the bike of me and getting up and seeing all is well with me and the bike this was when I just burst out with laughter. The worst thing is that there was no one there to see it! But maybe that was a good thing, ha ha. There were quite a lot of spectators on this day with sections being a lot more accessible to other days. It was another nice day with it just about being T shirt weather.

FB_IMG_1463000182152 FB_IMG_1463073366587 Screenshot_2016-05-07-06-34-21-1 Screenshot_2016-05-17-05-46-26

Saturday, Day six and mixed feelings with excitement of being so close to the end but also a little disappointed  that it is all going to be over. I like to try and enjoy the last day with time not being so tight and take in all the sights of the day. Started out the day pretty good apart from what I thought was a tough call at the time giving me a five on a hard section, but we all get those calls. We had one last moor crossing of the week and yep I seemed to find every hole on this one and in one part coming flying over a rise to only to see soft moor hole in front of me! It all happened so quick and with it swallowing most of my bike and trapping my right leg on impact at the same time which meant it was fun times trying to get out of that one,  ha ha. After that last moor it was time to head back near to Fort William town ship for the last three groups of sections. There were some tough sections thought out the last day to sort out the top boys and these last three groups were very difficult. For the rest of us it was just to try and get a three in some sections and with some really kind observing in most cases was the only reason we did.  When seeing top ten riders getting threes while you are walking a section, it puts you in the mind set of just try and go for the three. I would be lying if I said that it is fun walking a section to just concentrate on going for a three, but in saying that if you like a hard challenge then it is for you. Then you hear that Dougie cleaned it and you can only think how is that possible. Ok it is not a secret that the likes of Dougie seem to get a few things go their way but hey fair play! To ride these tough sections feet up is and outstanding effort. I was very glad to see the back of those last three group of sections and move onto the last and final section of the week which is in the middle of Fort William town ship called Town Hall bra . This section in the past has been known as a bit of a ride in the park in years gone by but with it being changed over the years it’s been the last five years that its taking some points from top 40 riders. I was glad to go clean and finish my 4th SSDT.

FB_IMG_1462717662677 FB_IMG_1462437696100 IMG_20160515_11280813153250_10208019895768212_1115049095_n13152687_10208005395125705_601768418_n FB_IMG_1462427140786 FB_IMG_1462994127347Screenshot_2016-05-07-06-34-21-1 FB_IMG_1463298133373 FB_IMG_1463080988006 FB_IMG_1462992824634 FB_IMG_1462991997912

I lost 38 points on day six and total points lost for the week was 208 from the 180 sections we rode over the week. That gave me another First Class Award Finish and my best result yet of 57th out of 288 starters. I just missed out on the top 50th special first class award by 10 points, yep two fives! But in the Scottish 10 points is a lot of points to gain up.  Around 180 points total for the week will sit you in the top 50 overall.  Which means if you don’t lose any more that 1 point per section because there is 180 sections over the week which also means you need to be less than 30 points for each day with 30 sections a day. I know sounds easy aye ha ha.   But after my first year riding the Scottish I have learnt very quickly it’s got to be more about the finish first and what comes next is a bonus.  I’m really proud of my result and to improve on each year is also very rewarding.  I have learnt to never say never but I feel this is maybe where it ends for me as I really feel it’s going to take something special and good luck  for me to better that result. I hope my words help you all understand a bit more on what the Scottish six day is from this side of the pond and if you haven’t had the chance to compete or go as a spectator yet then it’s a must do on your list to do! Three things you will need are Fitness, A strong mind set & LUCK on your side!

20160508_041114  13177581_891557197637527_2639394733636878848_nIMG_1761

Trip wasn’t possible without the likes of firstly Paul Jackson who was a huge help though out the week and with also the help leading up to the trip is really appreciated. Rat should still be proud of giving the hardest trial in the world a crack and if it wasn’t for his front wheel problem I’m sure he would have finished the week.  Debbie is a huge help with all the organising which starts back in January and big part of my achievements over the years is because of Debs. John Lampkin and his team throughout the week for all the support. Pioneer club for all their support over the years.  John Lawton who loves the Scottish six day and helps out leading up to the event with supplying me his own covers he has designed to keep the beta radiator clean from all the mud and the rear mud flap that which keeps the air box dry all week. Thanks also for all the kind words over the week from back home.

FB_IMG_1462394960399 FB_IMG_1462427269070

Thanks Guys


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SSDT All Done and Dusted

Scottish six all over for another year and l have had my best finish yet to come home with a First Class Award Finish & in 57th overall out of 275 starters. I am really pleased with the result as there are some really good riders here and to improve on last year. My highlight of the week was on Monday to start the week in 40th and be in front of some top well known riders was a proud moment. Knowing I did it all on my own with out the support vans looking after you over the week makes it even more special. Tho I was lucky enough to have some help this year from Isabel, Rose & Alan Honeybone cheering me on over the week and l really appreciated the vocal support and to see a happy though out the day. I would like to thank again John Lampkin and his team for all the great support over the week. Kind messages over the week from back home and Paul Jackson for all his help . Biggest Thanks going to Debbie for her outstanding support and organizing from start to finish and I couldn’t of done it with out her. I will do a more in deep write up on each day on our web site in the coming weeks.
Thanks Karl.


13177581_891557197637527_2639394733636878848_n 13139038_10208025283622905_2224316033672071517_n

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Day 5

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Day 5 was road day and the weather was unlike Scotland weather with sun all day. Karl felt like he rode pretty well but had some tough calls on a few sections. Sections weren’t as big today as previous days but bit more technical. Karl did move up a few spots to 57th overall going into last day. Scores are really close and with every little point counts to final placing. Karl will be trying to finish the week strong and hopefully grab some more spots.

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Day 4

Long day with Karl setting off at 11:30am and not getting back till 8:30pm. It was over 180km he covered today riding in snow in parts and he said the views were stunning. Karl said time was really close for the day with many going over time. The moor crossings were fun with over 240 bikes gone through before Karl got there meaning there were some big holes. Karl had a steady day with only loosing 26 points for the day and no time penalty’s. Karl made up six spots to 60th overall. Thursday is road day with 95% of the sections next to roads so Karl is looking forward to another good day ahead.

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Day 3

Day 3 and was their early day so sections were nice and slippery. Karl was happy how he rode on his early day and hopes that his early day won’t cost him too many spots as that is usual the case. Unfortunately day three Paul had to retire from the six day. Paul was still riding for a SSDT finish but with what happen on Monday Paul’s heart was no longer in it and there was no enjoyment left to be had. Paul also unlucky to come down with the man flu so that just added to the list. Karl knows how Paul is feeling as he was in the same boat in his first SSDT and at the time didn’t feel like carrying on. Paul will spend the last three days with Jack Sheppard’s Dad Martin in the van to see some of the action. Karl will have his latest start tomorrow so he his determine to get some very good spots back and crawl his was towards the pointy end.


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Day 2

Lived up to its normal Tuesday standard as one of the hardest days of the week. Long one as well with the day taking over 8 hours to complete. Moor crossing were very wet today and long. Paul is still fighting strong and finished the day with only a little on time. Karl had no time penalty’s but was disappointed on how he rode and knows there was to many fives that will cost him in the overall standings but is still determine as ever to fight on. Paul and Karl have early day tomorrow so both will need a good ride on the most slippery sections they will have for the week. Starting just after 8am Scotland time.

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