Carl and the Scottish 6 Day

Thanks to Siobhan and Carl for allowing us to put this information on our site.

Congrats to Carl & Siobhan from every one back here in Nz.

You both did Nz proud. Well Done 8)

SSDT – Day 6 Saturday. Well Carl finished the SSDT and not only did he finish but he got a second class award. He had an enjoyable day and the mileage was down on the previous 2 days. However, it was not easy by any means. The weather was also a bit better than the previous days. Carl moved up a couple of places. Out of 276 riders only 228 actually finished the week. Carl ended up 162.

SSDT – Day 5 Friday. Day 5 was road race day as most of the riding between sections was on the roads and we could follow Carl all day. The weather threw a bit of everything at us with rain, sleet and a bit of sun. Carl enjoyed the day as it was a bit like home – a lot of rocks and creeks and I think his result for the day showed this. Some of the roads were very interesting to drive and a bit hairy at times. Only one day to go.

SSDT – Day 4. Late start today – 11.51 am but this meant that Carl only finished at 8.39pm. Longest day today with Carl riding 126 miles and it rained and in places snowed all day. It was absolutely freezing and Carl has only just thawed out. Carl had some awesome rides and was quite pleased with some of the sections but he has commented that some of it comes down to whether the luck of the observers is on his side or not. He has also said that he has never ridden a trials bike as fast on either a road and across land as he did today.

After 4 days Carl sits in at great 170 place out of over 260 riders. Well done Carl keep it going.

SSDT – Day 3. Today was Carl’s earliest start day for the week. However, there was an impromptu delay checkpoint thrown in first thing as noone put out the route markers on the road to the first group of sections which meant noone knew where to go. This caused a bit of chaos. Heaps of moors to ride across today. Carl is still finding it hard to read which lines to take across the moors and put the bike half into a bog again. Tough day where pretty much everyone ran out of time and had to put their bike straight in. Heaps of waterfalls today. First time this week that Carl has been forced to take a 5 on some big sections. Rain held off again but still cool. Tomorrow he has a later start at about lunchtime. However, he is currently nursing some bruised and battered toes and will be looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow.

Day 3 Waterfall section
Waterfall at grey mares tail section. Photo doesn’t show it but it’s over 6 feet high…

SSDT – Day 2. The rain held off today. Unfortunately a fatality on the road (not a rider) caused massive traffic jams and meant that they had to shorten the day by 4 sections in order to get officials to the right places on time. Luckily we were ahead of the traffic problems. Carl had a better day and enjoyed it more even though it was about 92 miles. Sections were generally big rock slabs/cascading waterfalls.

Day 2
just a little rock.

Steve Armistead in action in the Pre 65 event – Pipeline section

SSDT – day 1 over. Started off cold but fine but the rain rolled in about midday. Carl thinks he rode a bit average but finished the day with 45 minutes left for maintenance on the bike. Learnt a lesson not to take too much as he got a bit hot. Waiting on the day’s results to come in. Off now to repack the bag for tomorrow and to study the route.

Checking over the bike at the end of the day. Arrived back with 45 minutes to spare

6 May 2012
SSDT update – Carl has now signed in. Next off to scruiteenering and then the parade through the town this afternoon.


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